Why Buy Vacation Rental Insurance?

Sometimes vacations that include renting a vacation home don’t go as planned. That’s why no matter where your travels take you, Travel Guard has a plan that is able to provide you with numerous assistance services and coverage options that can be customized for almost any type of getaway.

Their Gold Plan includes 24/7 assistance services for help with pre-trip travel plans, emergency travel assistance while you're traveling, emergency medical assistance, and concierge services. The Gold Plan can also cover you if your bags are delayed, you encounter emergency medical expenses, need emergency medical transportation and more.

Need to cancel your trip or concerned that your trip may be interrupted? Travel Guard's Gold Plan includes trip cancellation/interruption coverage that can reimburse your pre-paid non-refundable travel expenses if you become sick or injured and are unable to travel. This benefit can also cover financial default of an airline, involuntary termination/lay off from your job and more. To find out more about our Gold Plan or which travel insurance plan is best for you, Get aQuote Today!

Reasons for purchasing travel insurance when you are renting a vacation property

From a beach house at the Eastern Shores to a cottage in the Blue Ridge Mountains to a condo in Richmond, more vacationers than ever are opting to rent a property on their next getaway. Appealing to vacationers from all walks of life and income levels, who wouldn’t want greater flexibility, last minute deals and the added benefit of private living quarters?

Unfortunately, sometimes that adorable one-bedroom cabin turns out to be a half-bedroom shed, and that "close walk to the beach" ends up being a five-mile drive. When you need assistance with changing your plans, rearranging your trip or simply need to cancel your vacation due to covered reasons, you need a travel insurance plan with assistance services from Travel Guard. To find out more about the Gold Plan or which travel insurance plan is best for you, Get aQuote Today!