Summer Will be Here Soon, Says Virginia Vacation Rentals

Dec 17, 2017

While snow may be on the ground and the holidays are still to come, Virginia Vacation Rentals says it’s not too early to book your perfect summer vacation rental.

“Now is the time to book your perfect summer getaway,” said Bunnie Riedel, owner of Virginia Vacation Rentals (   “As families get together for the holidays, they make plans for the next vacation and our homes will be rented for summer now.”

Virginia Vacation Rentals makes it easy for travellers to contact vacation homeowners and unlike the “Big Guys,” Virginia Vacation Rentals does not charge a Booking Fee.

“We save travellers hundreds of dollars because we don’t charge a Booking Fee,” said Riedel.  “The Big Guys are charging up to 15% as a service fee simply for booking.  It can costs hundreds of dollars more, just for using your computer to reserve a vacation home and we think that’s ridiculous!”

Since it began, Virginia Vacation Rentals ( has tried to provide a very personal experience to both homeowners and renters.  Riedel’s “call me anytime” policy has proven valuable to her listing homeowners and renters.

“The vacation rental industry is a people business.  Families often renting from family run vacation rentals,” said Riedel.  “I like giving people personal attention and letting them know I care about their homes and the travellers who will use their homes.”

Virginia Vacation Rentals offers a free listing to homeowners for a few months and is a low $99 per year thereafter.  Visit or contact Bunnie Riedel at to learn more.

(Also featured in Canadian Money