West Virginia Added to Virginia Vacation Rentals!

Feb 4, 2019

FREE Trial Listing to West Virginia Vacation Rental Owner & Property Managers

Last week, Virginia Vacation Rentals added the great state of West Virginia to its website.  And it’s offering the same great deal to West Virginia Vacation Rental Owners as it did to Virginia Vacation Rental Owners. 

A Free Trial Listing with No Credit Card Needed to Register.

“West Virginia Vacation Rental homeowners and property managers can easily list with Virginia Vacation Rentals for Free,” said Bunnie Riedel, President of Virginia Vacation Rentals.  “All they have to do is go to our “List Your Property” page to sign up https://www.vavacationrentals.com/list-your-property and then start their listings.” 

“The decision to add West Virginia to the site has been in discussion for months,” said Riedel.  “I was just waiting until I felt the time was right. West Virginia brings a whole new vacation experience to travellers, West Virginia has some very different and exciting vacation destinations and offering them on one listing site just made sense.”

Long known for its magnificent mountain and river experiences, West Virginia is rich in history, music and culture. Known for its incredible outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting, mountain biking and rock climbing, its wild and rugged mountains also hold some of the best-kept secrets on the East Coast. Travelers escape to luxurious spas with natural mineral springs, or visit the mountain towns brimming with art galleries, live music, delicious local eateries and, of course, plenty of outdoor adventures.

A rich history, diverse nightlife, as well as outdoor hunting & fishing opportunities all ensure that vacationers will have plenty of things to do while in West Virginia no matter where their interests lie. Which is why the Mountain State is called “Almost Heaven.”

To learn more about how to list your vacation rental home, visit www.VAvacationrentals.com and look for “List Your Property” or contact Bunnie Riedel at bunnie@VAvacationrentals.com