Don't Pay "Big Guy" Service Fees

You don't mind paying a few extra hundred dollars on your next Virginia or West Virginia vacation rental, do you? According to "Big Guy" online booking sites, you don't. They have actually said that "travelers don't mind paying a service fee". That isn't even EVEN CLOSE TO REALITY!.

A couple years ago, the "Big Guys" rolled out a *Service Fee" or "Booking Fee" that they charge travelers who book through their websites.  You could pay as much as 20% MORE on Your Vacation just for using their sites!  So, if the rental rate is $3,000 and there is another $400 in fees for cleaning, linens, pet fees, etc., the Service Fee will be based on $3,400 and could be $680 more that you will pay.

Recently, one of the Big Guys told Homeowners to "Raise their Rent" so they could HIDE their 20% Booking Fee and Take that 20% Fee from the Homeowners!  

Enough of the Shenanigans & Hanky Panky! 


Don't Blame the Homeowners & Property Managers!

Like you, the Homeowners are also getting "Gouged".  The Big Guys have slapped all kinds of Fees on the Homeowners.  That is why Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals was created.  This is purely a listing site, a way for homeowners to advertise their vacation rentals.  There are NO SERVICE FEES, NO HOMEOWNER GOUGING, just a listing site to bring Homeowners/Property Managers & Guests together, WITH DIRECT COMMUNICATION, so You Know Who You are Renting from and you get the Best Service. 

What Can the Traveler Do?

If you find a Virginia or West Virginia vacation rental you like listed on the Big Guys sites, don't immediately book it. Instead, search this site, where you can book without paying the Service Fee. If it is not listed on our site, let the owner know about this site, so they can list their rental here, which will save Homeowners & Travelers money.