About Our Company

Welcome to Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals!  I’m so glad you are here!

My name is Bunnie Riedel and I am President of Riedel Communications. Since 2005, Riedel Communications has served nonprofits, local and federal government agencies and for profit small business in a variety of ways, from marketing and public relations to organizational development and strategic planning and board governance.

I also am a Licensed Standards for Excellence Nonprofit Consultant.  That means I’ve completed rigorous training to earn that title so I can help nonprofits operate at the highest levels of ethics and standards.

I strive to provide excellence and sound advice for all my clients.  

So why do I have this vacation home rental listing site? Well, because I also own a small vacation rental in Chincoteague, VA. And like so many vacation rental homeowners I used online listing sites for years as marketing vehicles without a problem. I was very happy with them.

But as you know, the industry has changed. We’ve seen large companies take over what were basically advertising sites and begin to interfere with the homeowner’s ability to communicate directly with the prospective renter, force us into online booking, charging extra booking fees to our renters and even take tax deposits with the promise they will remit them to local government.

Many of you, like me, have realized that the right to control our property and build relationships with the wonderful people who stay with us has been replaced with online sites that separate the owners from the vacationers. And that just doesn’t work. The process must be seamless, complete and unfettered communication between the vacation home owner (or their property manager) and vacationer.

That direct communication assures those vacationers that they will have a great experience!

So here’s MY promise:

To the Homeowners: I promise you that this site will always be a listing subscription site. That you will have complete access to your renters and you will be able to control your policies and house rules. And you will be in charge of your business. It’ll be your decision to take online bookings. You will control how your occupancy taxes get paid. And whether you list one home or several, you will always be a priority.

To the Vacation Home Renters: I promise you that this site will always be FREE to use. That means no “surprise booking fees” no charge to you except what you will pay the vacation home owner for use of their vacation rental home. It’s your vacation and it should be the most enjoyable time of your life!

So list your property with confidence that the hospitality you strive so hard to provide will shine through.

Or reserve your long awaited vacation home or cabin with confidence that you will come away loving Virginia and West Virginia, their people, food (especially the food!), music, culture and diversity. I guarantee you’ll want to come back time and time again.

Since Virginia is for Lovers and West Virginia is Almost Heaven, you'll have a great time, create great memories and look forward to your next visit!

Bunnie Riedel
President, Riedel Communications, Inc.

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