Holiday Planning for Future Fun!

Jan 3, 2019

Where Do You Want to Go? Virginia Vacation Rentals has the Perfect Place for Every Plan!

From Shenandoah to Virginia Beach to the Blueridge Highlands to the Eastern Shore, Virginia Vacation Rentals has a getaway for every budget and every gathering.

 “The Holidays are a great time for family and friends to plan their next vacation,” says Bunnie Riedel, President of Virginia Vacation Rentals. (  “We’ve added so many wonderful rental homes in the last month or so, there’s something for everybody and as always, there’s No Booking Fee!”

Virginia Vacation Rentals is the Premier Independent listing site for vacation rental homes in Virginia. 

“Reservations are coming in quickly for winter and spring trips.  And we’re seeing more bookings for family and friends reunions or weekend escapes,” said Riedel.

“Unlike the Big Guys, Virginia Vacation Rentals doesn’t charge a Booking Fee and we give homeowners and renters complete communication,” says Riedel.  “We offer a Free Trial Listing for vacation rental homeowners and we don’t charge renters a Booking Fee.”

Started as an alternative to the Big Listing sites, Virginia Vacation Rentals ( provides Renters & Homeowners with a “Book Direct Platform” that’s easy to use and is completely transparent.

“The large corporate sites double dip on both renters and homeowners,” said Riedel, “First, they charge renters as much as 10% to 15% for just using their site.  Then, they charge homeowners a fee for each and every rental.  That’s something we just don’t do.  We are purely a listing site that’s Free to vacationers and extremely affordable to Homeowners.

“There’s nothing like getting away for a few days to refresh your mind, spirit and energy,” says Riedel.  “And with new listings coming on our platform every week, we think there’s something for every budget and every occasion.”

Features of Virginia Vacation Rentals ( include:

For Renters:

  • No “Booking Fees.” These “fees” can run upward of 10% to 15% of the rent amount just for the privilege of using online booking.
  • Direct communication with the vacation rental homeowner or property manager via direct email.  This reassures renters in knowing who they are renting from.
  • “Easy Search” that won’t show renters houses tens, and sometimes hundreds of miles, away from their chosen destination.  A common practice of the “Big Guy” listing sites.
  • The vacation rental homeowner’s “local knowledge” of things to do and places to see (or eat!)
  • Personalized service that is “on-the-ground” either by the homeowners themselves or their property managers.
  • Direct contact information with vacation rental homeowners/property managers should any problems arise.
  • Clear and easy cancellation policies should the unforeseen occur.
  • The opportunity to buy Trip Insurance from “Travel Guard” a trusted name in the industry.
  • Direct service from actual homeowners/property managers and not “call centers” a half world away.

For Homeowners:

  • No “Service Fee.” These commissions can be 10% to 15% on rental income.  There’s just one flat yearly advertising fee of $99 after a Free Trial Period.
  • Direct communication with the renter via phone or email so homeowners can know who is renting their vacation rental home.
  • A dedicated listing url that won’t show other available houses on the page they paid for.
  • “Listing Assistance” to help homeowners and Property Managers get their listings up quickly and seamlessly.
  • The ability to create a personalized vacation experience for the renter and be the host that they desire to be.
  • Direct contact information with vacation renters during the stay should the unforeseen occur.
  • The ability for homeowners and property managers to provide renters direct service rather than have to wait for approval from “call centers” a half world away.

“Vacations are very personal,” said Riedel.  “The vacation home rental business is a ‘people’ business.  It’s most often one-on-one relationships that get built along the way between the renter and the homeowner.”

For more information go to Virginia Vacation Rentals ( or contact Bunnie Riedel at and “Say Buh-Bye to the Big Guys!”