Vacation Home Renters Getting Wise to the Big Guys

May 30, 2018

More and More Vacation Home Renters are Rejecting the Big Listing Sites and Coming to Indpendent Sites Like Virginia Vacation Rentals.  They’ve Decide it’s Better to #BookDirect.

Virginia Vacation Rentals ( is an independently owned and operated vacation rental listing site that was created by Bunnie Riedel, President of Riedel Communications, Inc.

“For most people, a yearly vacation is a luxury,” said Bunnie Riedel.  “People save all year just to be able to take a few days off.  But when they book through the big listing sites, they get burned.”

The Big listing sites charge vacation rental customers as much as 20% for the privilege of using their online platform. 

“Just a couple of years ago, most of the Big listing sites didn’t charge vacationers a fee, but that’s now history,” said Riedel.  “They gouge the renters to the tune of hundreds of dollars.  For most people that means something else has to be sacrificed, whether it’s a dinner out with the family or a special attraction or activity.”

That’s where Virginia Vacation Rentals comes in.  Virginia Vacation Rentals ( never charges a booking fee, it is simply a listing site that brings vacationers and home owners together.  Vacationers will save money by coming to Virginia Vacation Rentals to find their perfect destination accommodations, and their vacation experience will be more fun and certainly more fulfilling.

 “We are simply a listing site, that’s it!” says Riedel.  “Our job is to market, market, market these wonderful homes.  We do not charge a Booking Fee and we NEVER WILL.”

Virginia Vacation Rentals ( was created to provide both renters and homeowners open communication so each party knows exactly what they are getting.  Travelers can feel confident that they are renting from trusted owners and owners can know who is renting their home.

“We have some beautiful homes throughout Virginia, from the Shenandoah to the Blue Ridge to Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore,” said Riedel.  “Think about where you want to go, then come to our website and find a great vacation rental.”

Riedel Communications, Inc. was started in 2005 as a marketing and strategic planning consulting business.  Its clients include nonprofits, local, state and federal government clients and retail businesses.

Virginia Vacation Rentals ( is a project of Riedel Communications, Inc.

Bunnie Riedel can be reached at or 443-864-4517.