Vacationers Realize Significant Savings by Renting Direct Through Virginia Vacation Rentals

Jul 18, 2018

 “Vacation Home Renters have been saving an average of $200 per booking just by Booking Direct through Virginia Vacation Rentals (” says Bunnie Riedel, President of Riedel Communications and owner of Virginia Vacation Rentals.

“My site is ‘Book Direct’ and puts homeowners and renters in direct contact with one another,” said Riedel.  “Unlike the big booking sites that charge renters a ‘Booking Fee,’ Virginia Vacation Rentals is Free to the Renters.  Why charge people for typing on a keyboard?”

After years of listing her vacation rental home with the big booking sites, Riedel felt she had to find an alternative to policies that would charge her renters 10% to 12% just for booking.  Finally, she decided that launching her own vacation rental listing website for Virginia was the answer.  Riedel’s site is one of 37 state sites (joined now by Turks & Caicos and Costa Rica) that provide complete communication between renters and owners, offers a free trial listing to vacation rental homeowners, and at the end of the trial,  a low yearly subscription fee of $99 per year per home.

“The outpouring of support for what I am doing has been amazing,” said Riedel.  “So many people were stuck, just like I was, with the behemoth vacation rental listing sites and they felt they had no alternative.  We are growing every day and in only six months we’ve had over 197,000 Unique Visitors to our site.

To find out more about Virginia Vacation Rentals go to or call Bunnie Riedel at 443-864-4517 or email Bunnie at

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